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A senior walking through a fall leaf lined street


Place Maillardville Society currently has two vacancies on the Board of Directors. As a  patron of the society, you have an opportunity to apply for a position on our Board.

Place Maillardville Society’s current Board of Directors strive to provide the very best leadership and guidance they can, so that the programming meets the needs of the evolving community. The Board wants to ensure that wherever possible our positions are not only filled, but that they have active engaging Board Members who are passionate in the work of the Society. This is especially true now as we navigate the new emerging identity, operational changes and challenges.

We know that our society patrons make our organization stronger because you possess the special skills, background experiences and community contacts that can contribute in making critical decisions needed to ensure the success of Place Maillardville Society.

 If you’d like to discuss the possibilities of getting more involved in the workings of the Society or have questions about the roles, responsibilities, time commitments, or any other questions, please feel free to reach out.

You can contact the Board of Directors directly at:
Alternatively, you can reach out to the Society’s Executive Director,
Gord Pederson at:

We’d look forward to talking to you about these current opportunities!

Bill Boons
President and Board Chair


As you can imagine, it is a very busy time for us right now, while we prepare for the many changes that take place this fall. As you are probably aware, the City of Coquitlam will be operating the new community centre when it is scheduled to open in September. Although, we are just finishing off a successful season of summer day camps and soccer camps, the Society is also busy preparing to vacate the existing building by September 11th, all the while planning for our fall programming. As soon as the old building is vacated, the demolition work will begin. To avoid any confusion moving forward, the Place Maillardville name will continue to be associated with our Society. The new city building will be called Maillardville Community Centre. There will be no affiliation going forward between the Society and the new building.

Our board of directors, staff, and partnering agencies have been working hard behind the scenes to ensure our Society’s new office and our programs and services are available this fall without a lot of interruption. Some plans are not fully finalized yet, but here is what we can share with you now:

A senior walking through a fall leaf lined street
  1. Place Maillardville Society’s office will be relocated in Maillard Middle School (1300 Rochester Ave.) and will operate from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday. Our phone numbers will remain the same, including the main line 604-933-6166, as will our email addresses. We will have systems in place so that you will still be able to reach our office staff via phone or email for program inquiries/registration. Please note that we won’t be able to accommodate patron in-person visits. We would like to thank the Maillard Middle School administration and School District #43 for their on-going support.
  2. Our afterschool programs, funded by the United Way, will continue to be offered at Cape Horn, Rochester, Maillard Middle, Alderson & Lord Baden Powell schools. Please stay tuned for more information about dates/times.
  3. Our youth drop-in program, funded by the Province of British Columbia, will be relocated to Maillard Middle School. Please stay tuned for more information about dates/times.
  4. Our seniors’ programs, funded by Province of British Columbia, will be offered at Chateau de Ville, thanks to the partnership with Vancouver Metro Housing. Please stay tuned for more information about dates/times.
  5. Our early years programs, funded by the Ministry of Children and Family Development, will be offered at facilities soon to be announced.

Moving forward, our biggest challenge will be finding affordable community programming space to grow and develop our services. The program spaces we have currently lined up for the fall are largely due to the generosity and support of partnering agencies and patrons. It is hoped that reaching out to our community and supporters with this message will generate some new opportunities. If you would like to speak with us about the possibility of offering our Society programming space, please call 604-933-6166.

Thank you for continuing this journey with us and helping Place Maillardville Society secure their future, as we continue to offer our programs and services while striving to make our community a better place.


Stay tuned for our digital Program Guide set to be released by early September. Please note that many fall programs will start in October, giving us the opportunity to regroup and unpack.