COVID-19 Safety Plan

June 22, 2020 - Place Maillardville Community Centre has developed the following COVID-19 Safety Plan for returning back to a safe operation. The Safety Plan is based on the guidelines and recommendations from the Provincial Health Office, Fraser Health Authority, WorkSafe BC, and the British Columbia Recreation and Parks Association.

The Place Maillardville Community Centre Safety Plan is designed to provide the guidelines and procedures for a safe reopening and on-ongoing operation of our facility and programs during the pandemic. The plan will be updated as needed based upon the latest information, notices, and orders, from the Provincial Health Office, Fraser Health Authority, and WorkSafe BC.

The PMCC Safety Plan centers around the 5 key principles in the Province of BC’s Restart Plan:

  1. Personal hygiene
  2. Stay home if sick
  3. Environmental hygiene
  4. Safe social interactions
  5. Physical modifications

These 5 key principles have been expanded and modified to fit the specific requirements for PMCC.

Personal Hygiene

  1. Handwashing
    1. Proper handwashing remains the most important strategy to stay healthy.
    2. Wash hands with soap and water often – for at least 20 seconds
    3. Use hand sanitizer when soap and water are not available.
    4. Hand sanitizer will be available at each building entrance.
    5. Hand washing stations will be set up in the parking lot for summer day camp programs.
    6. Staff and participants should always wash their hands:
      • When they arrive and before they leave to go home.
      • Before going off-site.
      • Before eating and drinking.
      • After using the toilet.
      • In between activities.
      • After sneezing or coughing into hands.
      • Whenever hands are visibly dirty.
  2. Other:
    1. Cover mouth and nose with tissue or arm when coughing or sneezing. Throw tissue in garbage.
    2. Discourage touching faces, especially eyes, mouth and nose.
    3. Do not have communal meals/snacks – food must not be shared.
    4. During summer day camp, washroom breaks must ensure the children know to keep their distance. Limit entry to the washroom to two people.
    5. Open doors and windows to keep air circulating.

Stay Home If Sick

  1. Everyone:
    1. All staff, participants and family members must do a self-assessment prior to coming to PMCC. Use the attached Appendix A - BC COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool Flow Chart as a guide.
    2. No staff, volunteer, board member, participant, family member, or general public, will be permitted inside our programming facility or attend an outside program if:
      • If they have any symptoms of a cold, flu, or COVID-19, with any coughing or sneezing
      • If they have travelled outside of BC in the last 14 days
      • Have come in close contact with a person with a confirmed case of COVID-19
    3. All staff have been told to staff home if sick.
  2. Summer Day Camp
    1. Daily symptom screening for all staff and participants
    2. Anyone displaying symptoms during the day will be removed from the group and isolated until they are able to be picked up and taken home.
    3. If a child shows cold, influenza or COVID-19 symptoms:
      • Contact the child’s parent or guardian to come and pick them up right away.
      • Take child to a separate and supervised area where you can separate a child from others until they can be picked up.
      • Continue to practice good hand hygiene and respiratory hygiene.

        Do a thorough cleaning and disinfection of the space once the child has been picked up.

    4. Staff observing any children exhibiting symptoms such as a cough, fever, runny nose or sneezing, have the right, after discussion with their supervisor, to discreetly request that families do not attend camp for minimum 10 days.
    5. Any report of respiratory illness must be reported to a supervisor.
  3. First Aid
    1. All staff have current first aid certificates
    2. Staff will follow WorkSafe BC’s Occupational First Aid Attendants (OFFA) protocols established for the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure staff safety
  4. Staff Person Gets Sick at Work
    1. Sick staff should report to their supervisors, even with mild symptoms.
    2. Sick staff should be asked to wash or sanitize their hands, provide with a mask, and isolate. Ask the staff person to go straight home. Consult BC COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool, or call 811 for further guidance related to testing and self-isolation.
    3. If the staff person is severely ill (e.g. difficulty breathing, chest pain), call 911.
    4. Clean and disinfect any surfaces that the staff person has come into contact with.

Environmental Hygiene

  1. Cleaning and Disinfection
    1. Cleaning and disinfecting of PMCC will consist of the following:
      • Daily deep cleaning and sanitization of the building at the end of the day.
      • At least twice a day cleaning and disinfecting of common touch points throughout the building by a staff person dedicated to that purpose. See touch point cleaning checklist.
      • Shared equipment and toys will be cleaned after each use. Touched equipment will be placed in a separate container for sanitizing.
      • Each staff person is responsible for the daytime cleaning of their workspace, including computer and phone.Except for the front desk, workspaces will not be shared.
  2. Summer Day Camp:
    1. No sharing of equipment or supplies, apart from those items that aren’t touched by hands.
    2. The Maillard Middle custodial staff will clean and disinfect the facility at the end of each day. PMCC staff will disinfect common touch points throughout the day.


Safe Social Interactions

  1. PMCC Facility:
    1. New occupancy limits have been established and posted for each room in PMCC based on the five square metre radius distancing calculations and unencumbered floor space.
    2. Where possible, programming will take place outside. Any programming/events held inside will adhere to the 2-metre social distancing requirements.
    3. Hold meetings either online, in large rooms, or outside if possible.
  2. Administration Office:
    1. Work stations in operation must maintain the 2-metre social distancing requirement.
    2. Staff that have work spaces that are closer than 2-metres will be accommodated through staff scheduling, work at home, relocation of work station, or use of personal protection equipment such as face masks and physical barriers.
    3. Staff use of smaller spaces such as the photocopy room, kitchen, and bathroom will be one person at a time, or what the revised occupancy limit states.
    4. It is recommended that staff take their lunch breaks outside whenever possible.
  3. General Public
    1. The administrative office will be open to serve walk-in registrations, though the front desk line-up will be restricted to no more than 3 people inside, and they must follow the circulation pattern outlined on the floor. A waiting line will be formed outside for the overflow.
    2. The washrooms, kitchen, programming space and inside the administration office will be out of bounds for the general public.
  4. First Aid/Isolation Area
    1. The PMCC “staging” area is dedicated as a first aid/isolation room for staff or participants as needed, providing the appropriate privacy and isolation required.
  5. Summer Day Camp:
    1. Day camp participant to staff ratio has been reduced from 12:1 to 8:1.
    2. The five day camps will be split between two sites to accommodate social distancing play space.
    3. Cones and markers will be used to identify the social spacing for the participants.
    4. Whenever possible, the day camps will be conducted outside. Day camps can occasionally move inside when social distancing can be accommodated.
    5. Place Maillardville Community Centre will block off the entire parking lot to accommodate 3 camps. Three large canopy tents will be erected to provide shelter from the rain and sun and ensure proper ventilation.
    6. Maillard Middle School will be used as the other two camp site. The day camps have access to the sports field, washroom, gymnasium and cafeteria, all large spaces that respect the social distancing required.


Physical Modifications

  1. PMCC Facility:
    1. Plexiglass installed at the front desk window provides a safe barrier between front desk staff and the public.
    2. For registration/check-in outdoors a table will be used as a barrier between staff and the general public.
    3. Installation of a clothes washer and dryer to handle daily cleaning of cloths, towels, singlets, etc.



  1. Staff
    1. All staff will receive employee training for COVID-19 protocols, measures, and prevention procedures.
    2. Supervisors have been trained on monitoring staff, participants and the workplace to ensure procedures and protocols are being followed.
    3. All staff will be trained on the proper way of putting on and taking off masks and gloves.
    4. All staff will ensure that COVID-19 protocols are factored into all program design and delivery.
    5. Ensure staff can raise safety concerns at any time to members of the Health and Safety Committee.
  2. Participants
    1. All participants will receive emailed COVID-19 protocol information prior to the start of the program.
    2. All participants will receive a COVID-19 protocol overview regarding handwashing, and social distancing at the beginning of each day.
    3. Signage will be displayed around the site reminding participants of the protocols.



  • The Place Maillardville Community Centre Safety Plan will be:
    • Provided and reviewed with all PMCC Staff
    • Provided and reviewed with all Board of Directors
    • Provided and reviewed with all volunteers
    • Posted on the PMCC website and at the facility/programming entrances
  • PMCC COVID-19 protocol posters will be placed at each entrance, throughout the building and outside programming area.
  • PMCC will continue to use Zoom, emails, newsletters, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to communicate with staff, participants, and the general public.

Facility Rentals

  1. Facility rentals will only be accommodated when safe COVID-19 protocol practices can be guaranteed.
  2. Insure all user groups must have a COVID-19 safe practices plan presented to PMCC prior to any bookings.
  3. Facility rental requests will be dealt with on a case by case basis, and only once their safe practices plan has been approved.
  4. All user groups must provide their own hand sanitizer and are responsible to clean their own equipment.
  5. All user groups will have restricted access to all parts of the building not identified in the rental contract.

Safety Plan Monitoring and Evaluation

As steps forward are taken, the goal is to keep moving forward while recognizing steps back may be necessary. Monitoring and evaluating may include:

  • Change course as the Provincial Health Office orders and directives are announced.
  • Identify what is working well – seek feedback from patrons and staff.
  • Keep informed through recognized partnering agencies as they evaluate and adjust their practices.
  • Monitor incidences and solicit support from local health authority.
  • Expect fluidity of movement between levels as evaluation indicates.
  • Keep informed through trusted sources.