at Home Activities

Online programs for all ages! 

We are now offering our own original video content uploaded to our Youtube page (see below for links), and we have more interactive programs hosted on Zoom, coming soon! 

Current and Upcoming Online Programs 

Hatha Yoga
Wednesdays, July 22 - Aug 12 
8:00 pm - 8:45 pm 
Cost: $20 per household

Unwind from your stressful day by joining us from the comfort of your own home for an evening of Hatha Yoga. This 4 week class will focus on preparing the body and mind for deep relaxation for a more restful sleep. All levels are welcome.

Registration deadline: July 20


Early Years on YOUTUBE! 

Circle Time with Laila!
 Now on Youtube! 

The letter A  
The letter B
The letter C
The letter D
Letters A-D: Review!
The letter E
The letter F
The letter G
The letter H 
Letters E-H: Review! 
Letter I 
Letter J

Early Years programs are funded by the Ministry of Children and Family Development Service, through Westcoast Family Centres. 

Check out our YouTube Page for our Kids & Youth Series of Games, Fitness, DIY, and Wellness! 

Youth Games:
How to play Spoons Card Game! with Jackson
How to Shuffle Cards like a Boss! with Jackson 
3 Easy Magic Tricks that ANYONE Can Do! 

Youth Fitness: 
Workout with Quin! 
Workout with Quin pt 2
Mackin Park Soccer 2020 | Warm up & Activity #1
Mackin Park Soccer 2020 | Warm up & Activity #2

SPA Day with Dayna! 
Make a Scrunchie!

2-Minute Meditaion with Jenna


Children: Grades K - 2 
Our online after school programs for kids have ended! We thank all of you who participated and we look forward to offering you more programs in the future! 

  • Children's programs are funded by the United Way School's OUT program 

 *All Zoom programs require pre-registration and are space permitting. 

To REGISTER for any of our Zoom online programs email 

We will respond to your request within 24 hours during regular business hours Monday to Friday.